San Pedro Taviche

Del Maguey brings you this very limited edition Vino de Mezcal™ series made in a remote mountain valley corner of Ocotlan, Oaxaca. We have worked nine long years to finally make this particular mezcal available. Taviche gets is unique flavor from the blending of three wild agaves; 100% mature unpropigated Espadin, Tobala, Tobasiche and Tepextate. The earth roasted hearts are ground by two men using giant mallets, fermented naturally by airborne microbes and distilled slowly twice in a tiny 150 liter copper still. Taviche has many layers of dried sweet fruit (dates and raisins), hazelnuts, sweet cedar and a hint of standing in a chocolate mist. In the background are dark herbaceous hints of dried tarragon and a bit of nutmeg.


Production Notes

  • State: Oaxaca
  • Palenquero:Alberto “Beto” Hernandez Luis
  • Region:
  • Maguey: Espadin, Tobala and Tepextate
  • Agave Species:
  • Age of Maguey: 6-18 years
  • Elevation:
  • Roast Duration:
  • Type of Wood:
  • Milling:
  • Size of Tinas:
  • Fermentation Duration:
  • Water Source:
  • Still Type:
  • Still Size:
  • Vol Ordinario per Tina:
  • ABV of Mezcal: 49%
  • Vol Mezcal Produced per tina:
Crema de Mezcal

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