Del Maguey Basket Makers in Oaxaca

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Each different single village mezcal is identified by its own unique handwoven palm fiber basket. The women of Oaxaca have been making and weaving palm fiber baskets for thousands of years. Each of their designs are of ancient Zapotec or Mixtec origin. The designs are abstractions of flowers, ceramics, landscapes or architectural elements. We believe that when we as a culture were still hunter gatherers, women created the first sculpture – soft baskets (predating pottery), woven from grasses and fibers to carry back to camp the roots, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables that pre-farming societies survived on.

basket makers Del Maguey

Partnering with Basket Makers

We have been working with two villages of 150 women weavers for twenty years now. Doing business with these artisanas has been very pleasurable; and they are very tough business women. We appreciate their fine work.

When you see one of our distinctive baskets you know it’s Del Maguey.

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