Del Campo Series

At Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal, tradition is one of the guide posts that we hang our hats on. As old as the tradition of Zapotec farmers making mezcal, is the concept of the “field blend”, or Del Campo, meaning “of the field.” The expressions in the Del Maguey Del Campo Series are one-of-a-kind productions celebrating the time-honored practices of the palenqueros and agaveros. Every small batch is a unique field blend with a composition dictated by which locally available maguey are at the peak of maturity. Using a farmers sensibility, multiple varieties of ripe maguey are harvested and roasted together. So instead of blending the liquid of different varietals, the combined roast is distilled using the ancient practices that have been passed down for generations. Thanks to the talented hands of the maker and the variety of the raw materials each one is distinctively delicious.
Del Maguey Del Campo Series

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