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“By any account the mezcals of Del Maguey offer an opportunity to taste some of the best in the world”

— New York Times

Find Your Expression

Every bottle of Del Maguey tells a story; the union of the agave varietal and traditions of the people. It is more than a bottle. It is an Expression – a story told by the hand of the maker. What’s your expression?

A Mythic Elixir

Hand-crafted by individual Zapotec and Mixtec farmer-families. Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal introduced traditional mezcal to the world in 1995 and celebrates the ancient ways of ancestral villages that give each unique expression its own rich, sweet and smoky character. A taste of place.

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Our Mezcal

Our Mezcal is more than just an agave distillate made in Mexico. It’s our culture and the traditions of indigenous families. The heart of the agave (maguey) and the soul of the village.

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How to Enjoy

Mezcal is a beverage to be savored. Warm your palate with its aromas, flavors and rich textures. Each taste takes you on an adventure. Explore the many ways to enjoy Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal.

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Del Maguey Copitas

“Stigibeu” – a term meaning, “For Mother Earth and our ancestors” — is the traditional Zapotec gratitude invoked before sharing a Copita, a traditional Del Maguey terracotta sipping cup. What better way to enjoy Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal than to share with friends and family. So, grab a stack of Copitas and your favorite expression. Sip it. Don’t shoot it.

Join Our Village

The Del Maguey community is dedicated to exploration, passion and the art of life. We welcome you to be part of our family and explore the culture of mezcal with us.

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Del Maguey founder Ron Cooper’s book recounts his love affair with mezcal and the people who make it. Features 40 recipes.

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We love sharing with our extended family. If you want to stay connected, let us know what you’re interested in.

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