500 AD

The Gift of Maguey:

According to ancient Mēxihcah myth, the gods grew the first maguey (agave) plant from the buried remains of Mayahuel, the legendary 400 breasted goddess.
500 AD

The Time of Pulque:

Revered as a ritual intoxicant by the Aztecs, the juice of the living maguey plant when fermented becomes Pulque, giving sacred status to the maguey.

Mezcal Emerges

With the arrival of the Spanish in 1521 came distillation technology. It was not long before they turned to the maguey plant and the spirit mezcal is revealed.

A Spirit of the People:

Made in small villages by farmer distillers who safeguard its traditions and culture, artisanal mezcal becomes part of the ritual life ways of indigenous Zapotec and Mixtec people.

A VW Van and a Mission

Visual artist Ron Cooper and his friends venture south from Los Angeles to answer the question, “does the Pan-American Highway really exist?” On the journey Ron discovers Oaxaca.

Mezcal Blows Ron's MInd

Traditionally made mezcal finds Ron and blows his mind. He returns to Oaxaca and embarks on an epic adventure to discover the artisans who craft this magical spirit.

Hello World:

Del Maguey Single Village® Mezcal company is launched, artisanal mezcal is brought out of the shadows and introduced to friends, family, and the world.
March 2020

Celebrating 25 Years:

March, 2020: Del Maguey celebrates a quarter century of pioneering the mezcal revolution, introducing this mythic elixir to artistic souls with open arms.

We believe everyone should be able to experience transformation through artisanal mezcal. And they do!