Del Maguey Wild Papalome Mezcal

The Papalome agave gets its name from the indigenous Nahuatl for the butterfly (papalot) and looks like a giant Tobalá.

This variety of agave grows abundantly in the remote and tropical Mixteca Alta region.

There, the maestro palenquero Fernando Caballero Cruz distils it in the traditional style of the village of San Pedro Teozacoalco: in a stainless steel pot with a clay condenser and bamboo tubing.

  • Village, State: San Pedro Teozacoalco, Oaxaca
  • Palenquero: Fernando “El Bigote” Caballero Cruz, Fernando Caballero Miguel
  • Agave Varietal: Papalome
  • ABV: 45%
  • Still Type: Clay and stainless steel
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Papalome Mezcal, for whom is it

The Wild Papalome Mezcal it’s made for those with a passion for unique experiences and a touch of the wild. From the tropical heart of Mixteca Alta, this mezcal captures the essence of its butterfly-named agave, blending tradition with the beauty of the natural world. Skilled hands of Fernando Caballero Cruz, staying true to San Pedro Teozacoalco's timeless methods, have used both clay and stainless steel to present this liquid art.