Del Maguey Santo Domingo Albarradas

The beautiful Espadín from the Morales Luis family, one of the original families of Del Maguey, in the mountain village of Santo Domingo takes longer to mature in this unique mountain environment, giving it more time to develop flavorful sugars.

  • Village, State: Santo Domingo Albarradas, Oaxaca
  • Palenquero: The Morales Luis family, in the tradition of the late Espiridion Morales Luis
  • Agave Varietal: Espadín
  • ABV: 48%
  • Still Type: Copper
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Santo Domingo Albarradas Mezcal, for whom is it

For the "curator" who values the art of slow maturation and the richness of a Mezcal, this expression is a testament to nature's pace and artisanal dedication. A sophisticated choice for those drawn to the depth and subtleties of mezcal's mountainous charms. Discover elegance and patience with Santo Domingo Albarradas sourced from the esteemed Morales Luis family.