Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal

Dive into a spiritual adventure with Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal.
A mythic elixir that fulfills the artistic souls’ desire for exploration.

“By any account the mezcals of Del Maguey offer an opportunity to taste some of the best in the world”

— New York Times

Find Your Perfect Mezcal

Every bottle of Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal tells a story; the union of the agave plant and ancient traditions. Each bottle is an Expression – a story told by the hand of the maker. What’s your expression?

How to Enjoy Mezcal

Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal is a beverage to be savored. Warm your palate with its aromas, flavors and rich textures. Each taste takes you on an adventure. Enjoy!

Our Mezcal

Our Mezcal is more than just an Agave distillate made in Mexico. It is the culture and heritage of indigenous families. The heart of mezcal and the soul of the village.
Man walking downhill with a burro carrying agave piñas

A Mythic Elixir

Hand-crafted by individual Zapotec and Mixtec farmer-families, Del Maguey introduced artisanal mezcal to the world in 1995 and celebrates the traditions of ancestral villages that give each unique expression its own rich, sweet and smoky character. A taste of place.

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500 AD

The Gift of Maguey

According to ancient Mexica (mess-she-ca) myth, the gods grew the first maguey (agave) plant from the buried remains of Mayahuel, the legendary 400 breasted goddess.

The Time of Pulque

Revered as a ritual intoxicant by the Aztecs, the juice of the living maguey plant when fermented becomes Pulque, giving sacred status to the maguey.

Mezcal Emerges

Many believe that distillation technology in Mexico pre-existed the arrival of the Spanish in 1521. When the maguey plant was sourced, mezcal was born.

A Spirit of the People

Made in small villages by farmer distillers who safeguard its traditions and culture, artisanal mezcal becomes part of the ritual life ways of indigenous Zapotec and Mixtec people.

A VW Van and a Mission

Visual artist Ron Cooper and his friends venture south from Los Angeles to answer the question, “does the Pan-American Highway really exist?” On the journey Ron experiences Oaxaca for the first time.

Mezcal Blows Ron's Mind

Traditionally made mezcal found Ron and blew his mind. He returns to Oaxaca and embarks on an epic adventure to meet the artisans who craft this magical spirit.

Del Maguey

Del Maguey Single Village® Mezcal company is launched, artisanal mezcal is brought out of the shadows and introduced to friends, family, and the world.
March 2020

Celebrating 25 Years

Del Maguey celebrates a quarter century of pioneering the mezcal revolution, introducing this mythic elixir to artistic souls with open arms.

Get “Finding Mezcal” >

Del Maguey founder Ron Cooper’s book recounts his love affair with mezcal and the people who make it. Features 40 recipes.


Get “Finding Mezcal” >

Del Maguey founder Ron Cooper’s book recounts his love affair with mezcal and the people who make it. Features 40 recipes.


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