Del Maguey Mezcal Tobalá

Del Maguey Tobalá, produced in the mountains of Oaxaca by Rogelio Martinez Cruz, was the first wild varietal mezcal available in the US.

The Tobalá agave grows naturally in the highest altitude canyons in the shade of oak trees, like truffles. It’s so small it takes about eight piñas to equal one Espadín piña.

  • Village, State: Santa Maria Albarradas, Oaxaca
  • Palenquero: Rogelio Martinez Cruz, Leopoldino Miranda
  • Agave Varietal: Tobalá
  • ABV: 45%
  • Still Type: Copper
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Mezcal Tobalá, for whom is it

Perfect for those who cherish the stories behind what they savor, valuing the journey as much as the destination. Produced in the shaded high-altitude canyons, the Tobalá agave is the wild, elusive gem of Oaxaca, akin to the revered truffle of the culinary world. This mezcal is a tribute to patience and precision, as it requires the dedicated harvest of multiple petite Tobalá piñas.