Education Assistance in Oaxaca

Computer and Tablet Donations:

Over the years Del Maguey Singe Village Mezcal has run an ongoing donation program for the communities of our Zapotec and Mixtec family of producers to receive new and secondhand computers and tablets from bartenders and supporters from around the world.

It is a big positive for the beneficiaries of these devices which are then upgraded with education software and a digital library with more than 50,000 Spanish language books.

In 2022, computers and digital libraries have been donated to the Paciano Cruz Nolasco English Language School in San Luis del Rio, the village of Las Milpas, and of San Balthazar Chichicapam.

Internet Access in Local Schools

During the pandemic, as elsewhere, all schooling went online in Oaxaca. Many children did not have internet in the home in Del Maguey producing villages.

In San Luis del Rio and Sta. Maria Albarradas, Del Maguey worked with local internet providers to install routers and antennas in local schools.

The donated computers and internet access has helped many families stay connected remotely.