Mezcal Calories and Nutrition Facts: What You Need to Know

Mezcal, with its rich and smoky flavor, has gained popularity as a distinctive and unique alcoholic beverage. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the calorie content, nutritional components, and even explore its compatibility with keto diets for those who are health-conscious or following specific dietary regimens

Mezcal Calories: Exploring the Numbers

When it comes to enjoying a glass of mezcal, it’s important to understand its calorie content. Mezcal calories can vary depending on the serving size and brand. 

How many calories in a shot of mezcal

On average, a 2 ounce shot of mezcal contains around 120 calories. 

However, if we take in consideration a flavored or even a sweetened version of mezcal, those will have more calories.

Mezcal Nutrition Facts

Mezcal Nutrition Facts: cocktail

If you’re interested in the nutritional aspects of mezcal, here’s what you need to know:

Protein and Fat in Mezcal

Mezcal, as many other alcoholic beverages, the primary source of his calorie come from the alcohol and not from his macronutrients proportion so you will not find any significant amount of proteins and fats.

Carbs in Mezcal

For the same reason as with protein and fats, Mezcal contains almost no amounts of carbohydrates.

Is Mezcal Keto-Friendly?

In terms of carbohydrates and not breaking ketosis, Mezcal is a keto friendly drink. The other thing to take into consideration is if the alcohol is convenient for a Keto diet.

Conclusion: Enjoying Mezcal Responsibly

Mezcal Calories Information, enjoy it with responsability

In conclusion, mezcal can be a flavorful and enjoyable drink, but if you’re following a specific diet, being mindful of its calorie content,  you will be able to make informed choices while savoring this unique spirit.